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DIY Protein Skimmer
by Joseph Sellinger

  • This is a counter-current protein skimmer. It requires an air pump to power it.

  • The hardware, excluding the air and water pump, was purchased at a local hardware store for approximately $50. All of the PVC is SCH 40 and was glued together by non-toxic PVC glue.

  • To use the skimmer, drill a hole in the 4" PVC cap and run some rid glue airline through it. Connect a wooden air stone to one end, and an air pump to the other. Two air pumps may be neccessary.

  • The water in and water out valves are approximately 40" from the ground, and the 3/4" PVC is used inside the 4" PVC.

  • The water return in the skimmer is cut approximately 2" above the bottom of the skimmer. The toilet flange should be attached to a piece of wood to keep the skimmer from falling.