Micro Minnow

The Dwarf Livebearer is the smallest Livebearer in existence

by Jeremy Palumbo

The Dwarf Livebearer is the smallest of all Livebearer, and is believed to be the seventh smallest fish in the world today. Their bodies are elongated in shape, tan in color and display various dark markings. Even though they are hard to see sometimes, their color pattern is quite striking for a 1 inch fish. These fish are expected to live no longer than two years.

Tank Setup

This fish likes a planted tank, and should be kept with other peaceful fish no larger than guppies. Minimal tank size is 2.5 gallons, though more room is appreciated.


Dwarf Livebearers are omnivorous and should be fed a diet of flake food and small insect larvae. Brine Shrimp make an ideal snack.

Water Chemistry

These fish like their water between 68-76 degrees F. The pH should be kept at neutral, though the fish will adapt to most conditions.


Breeding is in the typical Livebearer style. The female gives birth over a period of 2 or more days. Feed the fry newly hatched Brine Shrimp.

Dwarf Livebearer; Mosquitofish; Dwarf Top Minnow

Sci Name:
Heterandria formosa
South Carolina
Max Size:
Males .7"
Females 1.7"
68-76 F.
Tank Size:
2.5 Gallons