Slithering Fish

The Snowflake Moray Eel's elongated body and large size make it a stunning specimen

by Mike McEwan

The Snowflake Moray Eel is a large fish with the famous snake-like body exclusive to Eels. It features no pectoral or pelvic fins, but has an extremely strong body that it uses to swim through the water like a snake does on land. The fish has a big mouth that packs a powerful bite. The body color consists of black and white patchy stripes and blotches which is where the Eel gets its common name of "Snowflake". The dorsal fin begins behind the small gill cover and runs the length of the body.

Tank Setup

All Moray Eels should be handled with care and provided with rocky lairs in which to hide. In its natural habitat this carnivore lives in flat coastal zones in cracks, caves and coral blocks with plenty of crevices. Light levels should be kept low. This fish doesn't mind the company of others, although it is territorial and needs its space. One Moray per tank is the recommended limit.


The Snowflake Moray is a predatory carnivore that waits in its cave for food to pass by. Meaty foods such as beefheart and fish meat are appreciated, although it will usually accept prepared fish foods.

Water Chemistry

A salinity of 1.025 and temperature between 72-82 degrees F is recommended. It is a hardy fish that will adapt to most marine aquarium conditions.


Successful breeding of the species in captivity has not been reported.

Snowflake Moray Eel; Clouded Moray Eel

Sci Name:
Echidna nebulosa
Tropical Indo-Pacific
Max Size:
72-82 F.
Tank Size:
75 Gallons

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