View Full Version : Melafix safe for tetras?

Ruben Tolon
02-26-2005, 8:41 AM
I've had a group of blind cave teras on a 10 gal quarantine for about 4 days now, and they seem fine other than a couple of them have their fins nipped a bit. My question is as follows: is it safe to use melafix on them, since they are teras, and I get the impression tetras are sensitive to some meds. I have never used melafix before, so pardon my ignorance on this question ;)

02-27-2005, 12:47 AM
Melafix is an herbal remedy that I have used often. I think that it works pretty well and I believe that it is safe for all fish. If you are worried, you could start with a half dose. Good luck!

Red Tailed Wonder
02-27-2005, 6:37 AM
What are you treatin?
Melafix is for bacterial infections ETC
I used it once for an ulcer an it did wonders :D