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03-03-2003, 12:45 AM
I have a 100foot x 50foot pond in my yard it looks like a swamp but is like 12' deep and artificialy made 20 years ago.
The top is thick with duckweed.My question is how much of a clearing would I get from a luguna 3000 pond fountain set(1296GPH)
Another question is how could I tell now if this pond could winter gold fish and koi next year.Could I drop a therm down to the bottom?test for oxygen content?
Any sugestions would help will post pics as soon as I learn how.

Becides the goldfish might eat some of the fog of mosquitos that comes off that pond all summer.

03-03-2003, 11:16 AM
That's half the square footage of a typical new subdivision lot!!

Has it been left to 'go natural'? I doubt a Laguna 3000 will begin to touch it. That's a lot of water. Your filter system would clog so quickly, your head will be spinning. There's a gallonage calculation I need to go look up - I'll do that in a second.

With a 12' depth, there should be no problem in the winter - as long as there is unfrozen water in the bottom. And you can't let the top freeze solid, for air exchange purposes.

If the thing is in poor shape and had no fish in it at the moment, I would suggest a natural approach. Start removing the duckweed manually (with a pool skimmer) and maybe introduce some grass carp to get an ecosystem going. They might just eat the duckweed, who knows? For oxygen, if it needs it, designing a waterfall might be better than counting on a fountain, as the pump to the fountain will probably clog fairly quickly.

Okay LxWxD = cubic feet. 7.5 gallons of water per cubic foot. You have 450,000 gallons of water:eek: I will trade you my 300 gallons for it!! The Laguna's flow rate is 1296 gal/hr, so it would take 347 hours to turn over the volume of the pond, if it were even possible. I think it's recommended that you turn the entire volume over once or twice/hr.

I'd rule out something you need to maintain and go natural. It may take some cleaning up first, but get the right plant and aquatic life in there and things should even out and begin to take care of themselves. I'd love to see pics - do you have a digital camera?? Is it dirtbottom, liner, or concrete?? Give me more info - I'm intrigued! The fact that you are breeding mosquitoes tells me that there are probably no small fish living in it. A really cheap way to find out if the water will support life would be to get several hundred minnows or shiners when the farm supply stores sell them for pond stocking (here it's the third week this month). If they survive, they'll eat the mosquitoe larvae, and provide food for anything larger you might want to put in there later. Just a thought.

ps: I wouldn't go wading - someone may have released something in there you don't know about ;)

03-04-2003, 11:58 AM
12 foot deep?? whoa...thats nearly double my height! id fill it in by at least 8 foot if it really is that deep....i dont see a point in having a pond any deeper than 3 foot. the oxygen at the bottom will most probably be near 0, and you would never see any fish down there. a pond the size of yours could do with water lily covering to keep it cool in the summer sun, but you would never get any to grow tall enough to live in your pond. if you were to fill it up, then i would use an inert cement, and even then seal it with a sealant paint to stop it leaching chemicals to be on the safe side. but those measurements have really stunned me...you sure you got them right?

03-04-2003, 12:49 PM
Just goes to show one mans pool is another pond.

03-04-2003, 2:34 PM
It is full and never seen the water level change more than an inch.
It the corner of a 200acre wetland they blasted the pond out with dimamite long time ago.I have a huge weeping willow over one end trees on the other side to privatize it from the mass feild like wetland I can mow up to the edge in the front with a nice solid two foot high dirt bank to the surface of the water
the rest of it could be mowed right up to the embankment.About a 20-25 ft wide marsh like slew leads it to the wetland for water to come in.the pond doesnt stink I think it just needs some oxygen.
The over growth come from the high phosphates in the water I have one of the biggest comercial green houses in the state bordering the same wetland 1/2 mile down the road we everybody around including me and them use wells and septic tanks:(
Judy I just got a cheap digi but me and the wife cant get the pics down to size to post.And I'm freaking out I've wanted to show you guys my pond/yard/tanks/kids and of course me :rolleyes:

The Idea for the pump/fountain was to make a floating dock for it and make a 4'x4'x6' window screen cage under it for the pump to draw debris free water for a week or more with out pluging and keeping the pump at surface level would ensure I got that 1200+gph. I know it wount clear the entire surface but a 15-20 foot clearing would be nice also on the dock could mount my luft pump and a big air stone.

03-04-2003, 2:42 PM
O r should I hook the 3 HP electric motor I have to a boat prop:cool: And do my maint from a canoe:D

03-06-2003, 5:09 PM
How big are the pics? You could email me a couple and I'll see what I can do with them. I'm on cable modem, so download time isn't a problem.

03-06-2003, 7:24 PM
Just how large was the old man that made this pond?

Sorry, couldn't resist :p

03-06-2003, 7:30 PM
I tryed to send to some one allready and was wrong the wife will help to night the pics are cool but you cant see the pond.I was going to drive my car out on it to show you guys out there what I ment buy freezing but the wife shot that idea down fast:( There is over 10" of ice in the middle and 2' from shore still 10" but two foot from shore there is 4' of unfrozen water under that ice.

03-06-2003, 7:41 PM
Have you seen 80 Gal Joe's Mysterious Lake (http://www.aquariacentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5736) thread? I'd be carefull of frozen water in that neck of the woods. ;)

03-06-2003, 10:33 PM
I don't think driving a car out onto the ice is such a great idea. It's not a woman thing, it's a common sense thing. Wait for a sunny day (if we ever get one) get some pics and send them to my email. I can put them thru PhotoShop, edit contrast, etc. and size them so that everyone here can see. We want to know!! Especially if you catch a ten foot snakehead walking on earth!! Or a croc like Harry Tolen had :eek:

03-09-2003, 11:36 AM
If the pond has pretty much a constant level then I would assume that it is some how getting replenished by ground water somewhere, or run off......?

I agree that pump size wouldn't make a dent in this volume of water... check out http://www.wlimproducts.com/ and/or http://www.oasepumps.com/ for something with more punch - laugna is pretty limited and wouldn't be my first choice. Adding a water fall and/or stream feature I think would also be better than a fountain - you might even consider the addition of a few diffusers( http://www.vertexwaterfeatures.com/wn1000.html ). Plantings would greatly help..... floating and potted/planted - such as rushes/grasses, iris's, hyacinths/water lettuce/water celery and possibly a few water lilies(but the depth is an issue, they shouldn't be more than 4ft deep at the crown) - look around you're area for native water loving plants - I really think this pond is wonderful and should stay looking as natural as possible.

*having seen this pond under snow* It's quite large and I would love to see it in the summer time. BTW Judy and your wife are quite right, drivin' on it wouldn't be a good thing...;)

I don't see a problem with fish over wintering in this pond - the depth itself is a grand plus - the bottom should be atleast 4-8 degrees warmer than the surface - and with a very low strocking density there may not even be a need to bother with keeping the suface open(especially if there is a natural water source coming in somewhere below the surface) .... but I wouldn't say that's a definate with out knowing more about the system as a whole. As far as what stock to put in it - well it's large enough to have a variety - you might want to consider some sort of "preditor" fish just to keep down the goldfish and or koi population - I wouldn't want to be trying to cull in a pond that size(although it's do-able).

I would like to hear a little more about this lake

03-13-2003, 11:50 AM
Here in Texas, the State will provide all of the information needed to make this type of pond healthy. In fact, they will even provide the fish in some cases. I have a friend who is going through this now.

It's easiest to work on an empty pond as it is being filled, but I'm sure that a full pond can be reclaimed with a little more effort.

Completely different climate I know, but my grandfather has a healthy pond in Texas which is at least 12' deep. With the proper plants and conditions, the oxygen will circulate even to the bottom without mechanical circulation according to the literature he has.

Native fish would probably be the best way to go, but if carp are native to your area, then koi should function fine as a part of your pond ecosystem. Here, carp and humpback catfish will be present in any healthy pond. The birds carry their eggs. Bass must be added to control catfish populations.


03-14-2003, 2:01 PM
Originally posted by somefinnfishy
I have a 100foot x 50foot pond in my yard it looks like a swamp but is like 12' deep ....... will post pics as soon as I learn how.
Some lakes here have a maximum depth of 12 feet!

Sounds like a nice pond project your have...!

I'm not sure, but with that depth, you should not have to worry about fish kills due to freezing weather. That also depends on species.

Did I read correctly, you don't know how to post pics?? Would be nice to see this 'pond'! :)

03-18-2003, 11:06 AM
Yes I'm dumb:rolleyes: Me and my wife have tryed for hours to downsize our pics we end up with ziped files we cant open:mad:
Our camera softwear is arcsoft photoimpression 2000.
I'm new to a computer.She is OK even taken some microsoft classes but never used windows XP before.
as for the pond I understand the nutrient prob I think a 6" layer of dead oak leaves floating on the surface every year might cause probs.It has basicaly peat like black soil all the way around I want to do a ph check I'll bet 6.0 or lower.
BTW guys I've had like 4 70degre days and still no open water we normaly have like 20-24" of ice this time of year.
A hundred miles north they drive school buses over the ice to save thirty minutes morning and night or the ferry dont run so they have to bus.Basicaly I grew up driving on frozen lakes I've logged at least 1000 miles on ice where else can a teenager place his "ice fishing house"and party every day for 4 months

03-18-2003, 11:47 AM
somefinnfishy.. send me your photos again... as attachments in the email and I will fix them up.. I have the same software that you have plus several others... doesn't matter if the photos are in a zip file or not I can work with them either way.
Happy to help:D

As for driving on ice... been there, grew up doing it - but I still wouldn't drive your vehical out on your pond.. you never know if there are "soft spots" and who needs the headache of towing a few tons out of freezing water;)


03-18-2003, 4:00 PM
Yes I know no pond-small lake is safe.
I actualy own a ice auger I drilled like a week ago by where the water seeps in and had 14" and like 12"in the middle.
I'm not takeing any pics now YUCK yellow leaf stained ice and barren landscape.

03-18-2003, 5:13 PM
Originally posted by somefinnfishy
....I'm not takeing any pics now YUCK yellow....stained ice .... Yellow?! :eek: