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  1. Finally some color!

    It seems that my Micky Mouse Platy fry will be blue with 2 black stripes and black markings on the fins...odd but pretty so far.

    I have recently purchased 4 marbled crayfish - anxiously waiting for them to arrive! One for each of my aquariums, one for a friend, and one for my grandmother. Cant Wait!

    Saturday will be an adventure - going to a fish store to help a friend pick out some fish for her tank. I also want to get a few new
  2. Adventures in Breeding

    I decided to start something new and breed Red Cherry Shrimp, a few livebearers, and some snails. My husband pretty much thinks Im crazy, although the cats enjoy the show

    Currently I have over 40 fry from around an inch long to a week old from two platies - one is a blue micky mouse and my best breeder, the other a yellow twin bar platie. Some of the larger fry's markings are starting to show...this is the odd part. They are from the blue mickey mouse and are mostly whote/iridescent. ...
    Tags: fry, shrimp, snails