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    I had a similar experience with a gold and red guppy. She killed 2 males and started going after green-striped tetras, at which point I did bring her to my LFS from whence she came. I think fish with red on them tend to be aggressive.
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    Ok thanks =D
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    I do know that it is ok for guppys to eat lettuce.
    Brine shrimp, live or freeze dried, as well as veggies, freeze dried bloodworms, algae wafers, shrimp pellets, tiny bits of salad shrimp off your plate
    live blood worms if you want to catch or breed them, I think they eat more or less anything.
    Maybe little bits of orange (I know goldfish, koi, cories, and platy's like it).
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    thanks =P
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    I don't know about the mushrooms (other than I luv them ), but for the cucumber just take any uneaten bits out after a few hours.

    I thought at first I read that you wanted to put vegatable juice in the tank lol, I was going to say, 'no, that is a bad idea.' I tried giving my goldfish a little (maybe not little enough) bit of frozen orange juice... they didn't eat it like they do other thawing foods and it caused a huge ammonia spike and killed all but one of them. Almost got that one too but I barely by some miracle saved it. Anyway... Hope someone had an answer for the mushrooms.
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    thanks =)
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    k thanks =)
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    she may have ick so get the tablets or liquid that precents and heals them. also get your water tested jut in case its something else. Petsmart does it for free
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    u should be fine giving it the algae wafer
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    Oh wait, but can they survive during this time, till some algae starts growing in the tank?
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    The type of fish is ; A Pleco. Alright thanks =)
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    what species of "algae eater" (scientific name please)

    try feeding it algae wafers or zucchini slices

    just take out what it doesnt eat in a day
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    please help ASAP! thankyou!
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    Sigh :/ My male guppy is getting fin rot i believe, its tail is ripping, and its white =/
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    I think its spreading quickly =/
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    Oh I just found out, above the tip of the tail its a little red.