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  1. SchizotypalVamp's Avatar
    very pretty! You have great taste,
  2. Bnoble's Avatar
    looks great , whats that like 4inches deep substrate? i think mines around 3in..i think the deeper the better it stays clean! IMO
  3. Grins's Avatar
    Beautiful angel DD! And psst you still have the sticker on the front glass?
  4. clown-lover's Avatar
    I really like the tank DD.. Very nice.
  5. Cory Keeper's Avatar
    have you got enough fish? geez, and I thought my tank was heavily stocked.

    very nice tank though. wish I could have (and afford) a 75.
    Updated 01-19-2008 at 10:12 PM by Cory Keeper
  6. Dangerdoll's Avatar
    thanks guys
  7. Lupin's Avatar
    Cool tank, DD. I love your hengeli rasboras.
  8. ILOVEBETTAS's Avatar
    Ooh, what kind of cories?
  9. msjinkzd's Avatar
    that is really lovely DD.
  10. Que's Avatar
    Very nice DD.

  11. Grins's Avatar
    Very peaceful looking. I haven't been that drawn to the rasboras but in your tank they really seem to stand out.
  12. Grins's Avatar
    That must be a gorgeous tank DD, photos please!