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  1. Que's Avatar
    It likely would have died after the move anyway. I find that if a fish is too weak to swim away from the filter intake it's not going to live long anyway. Sorry you lost one. I really like the leopard skins.

  2. malken's Avatar
    I put up some of the 6.6 in that blog. worst case scenario I should have something up by monday.

    what's a DSLR?
  3. Bk718's Avatar
    cool!! lol another show off with a DSLR :P

    Post some pics
  4. malken's Avatar
    I was concerned that I might accidentally suck one up w/ the gravel vac. how well can they hold on to stuff (java moss in particular)
  5. SchizotypalVamp's Avatar
    extra water changes will keep the water nice and clean, which will ensure the baby's survival.