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  1. Jack Dempsey Breeding Project

    Well I have decided to go all out with the Electric blue Jack Dempseys. I will be getting five Blue gene Jack Dempseys next week. For those who don't know Electric blue Jacks can't spawn and have viable offspring. You need a Blue gene and a EBJD to create a EBJD. In addition to the blue genes I am hoping to be getting 3 Gold gene Jack Dempseys from Markm0723. My hopes are to get a EBJD/Gold Pair and a EBJD/BG pair possibly a BG/BG pair as well. We will see what happens I guess and getting three ...
  2. Updates

    I finally got around to updating my photos in my album and a my tank stock etc. go check it out.
  3. Freshwater Madness

    This is a fish forum I created about a year ago. AC and other fish forums inspired me to create it. We are growing fairly fast and have a lot of knowlegeable folks helping out over there. We run monthly contests and are laid back....Check us out when you get a chance!
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  4. My current Stock

    2x Jack Dempsey
    1x Oscar
    2x Jaguar
    1x Severum Green/Turquoise
    1x Texas
    1x Green Terror
    3x Silver Dollars
    1x Leaf Fish
    3x Synodontis Featherfin Catfish
    2x Sailfin Pleco

    Yeah it is overstocked but suprisingly everyone gets along for the most part. Heavy filtration and water changes.

    7 guppies
    1x German Blue Ram

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  5. Cichlids (trial and error)

    Well as some of you reading may know I keep a variety of Cichlids. I just recently set up a 55g Peacock/Lab tank. I started collecting the Peacocks in May/June. I finally finished off my Peacock tank two weeks ago.

    I have had relatively good luck with the stocking. For some reason I had the idea that keeping Peacocks together was going to be easier than keeping Mbuna or large SA/CA Cichlids. I don't know what I was thinking there. Well my original stock started as follows.