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  1. Grrrrr...

    Well now I'm getting some sort of weird bright green algae on the glass. It's not very heavy and looks like a powder when I use the pad on the glass..

    But it seems to have peaked and it's slowly getting better. I've redone the rock and the flow..

    I've also ordered a new Hydor Koralia 3 to solve the water flow problem once and for all.

    I did try my own mod on my Kor 2, but the dang thing wasn't powerful enough to spin the bigger prop.. Oh well ...
  2. Ta-DA!

    Well, I finally put Frik and Frak (my Clowns) and my Frags into the tank after the 3rd straight day of stable water conditions.. And the fact that I couldn't keep them in the temporary tank anymore for various reasons..

    I'll be watching them closely, and testing the water constantly for the next few days. But so far fish and owner are doing well..

    I do have a little bad algae on the sandbed, but tommorows trip to pick up a new powerhead, and some vacuming will ...
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  3. Water Params are getting great!

    Well I tested the water again tonight and here are the results..

    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - 0 (wow I tested this 3 times and it kept coming back like this.. )
    Phosphate - 0
    PH - 8.2
    KH 125.3 (a tad low I think)
    Calcium - 440
    Water SG - 1.022

    If the water comes back like this for another day or so, I'll put my Clown fish in.. Then wait a few more days of testing, then the 2 Frags go in!

    YAY!! ...
  4. The Cost So Far..

    Tank / Glass Top / Stand : 150.00
    Testing Supplies : 60.00
    T5 Lighting Fixture : 180.00
    Live / Base Rock : 50.00
    Power Heads : 70.00
    Canister Filter : 56.00
    Prizm Skimmer (cheapo) : 99.00
    Additives : 55.00
    Salt : 55.00
    Argonite Sand : 40.00
    Frags (2 Small ones) : 8.00 ...
  5. Update #4 (Pictures of the new tank!)

    Well finally got the new Tank to a point where I'd feel comfy enough to take a picture and share it.. And to show off my new T5 Lights. That Pet Place ( was kind enought to let me return the smaller Compact F that was on the old 30 gallon and give me store credit towards this one.. I can tell you it's very nice for the money!

    BTW, I think I need more water flow.. But Still no bad aglae! In fact I actually think the good stuff is startin to grow now.. I'm anxious ...
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