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  1. Since I know you all love to see my tanks

    Here's my Minibow 2.5 FW I've got two male beta fish in there. The one on the left, Benny, is younger than the one on the right, Garin.

  2. New tank started 12/26/07, what number is this? 4 I think.

    So I got a new 6.6g long acrylic tank. I've wanted a long live planted FW tank for a long time, so I think that's what it's going to have to become. here's some shots.

    So I added Eco Complete as the substrate, some RO/DI water, a hydor 50watt heater, and CO2.

    I also added a few plants.

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  3. My girlfriends Oceanic Bio-Cube 14

    I got my Girlfriend an Oceanic Bio-Cube 14 last year. This year I decided to build it up.

    First FTS 12/12/07

    The Set Up:
    Bio-Cube 14
    Integrated wet/dry biological filtration, Live Rock Rubble
    2 power compact fluorescent lamps, 10,000 K and Actinic
    Lunar Blue, Moon Glow LED lights
    UL listed submersible pump with adjustable discharge nozzle
    Aquaclear ...
  4. New tank, started Aug 15th 2007

    Bought a new Oceanic 22g square tank with stand. Now I just can't wait to get it up and running.

    I just bought some more live rock and a new light, this thing is coming along!

    I've added two more powerheads, a moonlight ...

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