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Subliminal's 29g Reef

This blog is dedicated to my 29g reef.

  1. It's Official: Today was the worst day ever

    And what makes it the worst day is that a day that's going to be even worse is surely soon to follow.

    Let me start at the beginning.

    When I was but a young lad, I wanted a friend. I needed some kind of companionship as being an only son was proving to be a semi-lonely experience. Sure, my parents loved me, but there's a difference between one's parents and one's friends, brothers, etc.

    Well, when I was 9 my parents finally caved and bought me a gerbil. ...
  2. 29g Closed Loop Final System Design (probably not final but we'll call it that k thx)

    Well, I had big plans for this write up. The stuff of legend. Really, really great stuff, at any rate.

    But things happened.

    Things that happened over the course of several days, between several states and at several stores with several credit cards.

    Complicated things, and things I'm not so proud of.

    But in the end, this is what we got:

    Part I: The belly of the beast

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  3. Closed Loop Woes (Redux)

    Well, today I took 1/2 day off from work and trekked back to PA a third time.

    Anyway, I traded out my Mag7 for an Iwaki pump that runs ~880 GPH.

    I'm guessing with a 2 ft head and the SCWD it should be putting out ~500ish GPH.

    It still doesn't look like enough flow to me. I really wanted to see polyps swaying in the breeze.

    However, I'm thinking that I can restrict the outputs a bit and get a little more out of her, and maybe, just maybe, ...

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  4. DIY Closed-Loop Woes

    So, this weekend I decided to try setting up an external closed-loop system on my 29g reef.

    • Get Powerheads out of tank to alleviate noise/heat
    • Incorperate the SCWD mavemaker into the system.
    • Keep whole system ~$100
    So, I headed to the not-so-local superstore around these parts, right across the border, into Pennsylvania, and another 50 or so miles.

    After spending some time in the store (and about $100 over my budget), I ended up with the following:

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  5. The Present (Part II)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Present (Part I)
    To be continued...
    Things that I tried that did work included:

    Metal Halide Lighting. Someone in my local club was talking about a great sale they were having at I went to check it out and found that they were dropping Hamilton (as well as a few other manufacturers) and they had all their remaining stock on clearance. I didn't know much about MH systems at that point, but I did know that I liked the quality of Hamilton equipment. Well, they had ...

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