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  1. Final Equipment

    I got the RO filter and it's running as I type this. It's about the slowest they come (24 gpd) and I can't run it at full pressure because the dang plumbing fittings just won't be good. I've used teflon tape, bought brass to replace the plastic fittings, grrr...

    Anyway, I've got about 6 gallons of RO water and need about 40. I figure it will take about 3 days to get enough to fill the tank.

    I've got some possible source for live rock and am considering how I want to ...
  2. Equipment Update and stock wish list

    I got one Koralia Powerhead and the heater.

    I've been looking around and here are a few things I'd like in the tank.

    Purple Short Tentacle Plate Coral

    Orange Spot Polyp

    Evergreen Starburst Polyp ...
  3. My Saltwater Adventure

    Well... it's a slow process and this is one of three blogs I'm maintaining, so don't look for things to go too quickly. SW is also pretty expensive and I can only spend a few dollars a month.

    So, what do I have so far?

    I have a 46g bowfront tank. The back is painted black. I've cleaned and ordered a custom top. It's ready, I just have to go pick it up.

    I have a digital pH meter and a SW test kit. I need a hygrometer.

    I have a pair of 350 biowheel ...