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  1. Revamping The Fish Room

    Over the weekend, I started doing some of the revamping projects I have in mind to do while I was doing some water changes.

    The small (1/2") C. bocourti fry that I received through Dan Woodland are now big enough, so I moved them into the 210 with the rest of the cichlids. They should start growing much faster with the extra room.

    This freed up the 29 gallon they were in, so I moved the remaining 5 platinum angels from their 10 gallon to the 29. The one remaining ...
    Fish Room
  2. Big Weekend In the Fish Room

    I did a lot in the fish room this weekend, but it sure doesn't look like it.

    I emptied the 75 and moved the two fat sleeper gobies and blue spot goby to the 210. I didn't realize how big the fat sleepers have gotten. I'm going to have to watch them carefully.

    With the 75 empty, it was easy to move it to the rack in the fish room. The problem I faced was that the 110H was sitting on the dolley I use to move my bigger tanks around. Moving it off of the dolley and on to ...
    Fish Room
  3. And So It Has Begun

    I feel official now that I actually have real lights on the tank. The fixture is well made and arrived packaged very well. I can see how the other fixture choice 2-250wt MH 2-65wt CF actinics would have been spectacular. I'm happy with my choice though. It's plenty for what I want to do with just zoas/palys.

    Here's some first pics since the addition of the live sand from Ted. It still needs a bit more cleaning, but it's coming along nicely.

    I really need to shake the ...
    40 Breeder Reef
  4. Lights Came In Today

    I received my lights for the tank today. 1 250 watt MH and 2 x 96 watt CF Actinics. It should show off the zoas colors and keep me from going crazy filling the tank since I only have the 1 MH. Pics tonight when I get home.
    40 Breeder Reef
  5. What a Day

    Had a great, but bittersweet, day at my friend Jack's house.

    Tons of mayan babies, 4 large citrinellum, enormous blue acara, and one mayan adult. out of one pond. There was a lot of loss of bigger fish, particularly citrinellum, black belts, and an oscar due to the plumber's introducing a huge amount of bad water into that pond. 3 large butterkofferi <sp> breeders were lost as well.

    The other pond was void of babies, but yielded enormous mayans.

    We ...
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