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Scales of the Pisces

  1. New Life

    I hadn't seen either of the two MTS snails that were occupying the 6.6 gallon for a few days, and started to get a bit worried. Unsure why I would feel that way considering MTS aren't exactly the most "out and about" critters in the world. Shortly thereafter I did however manage to spot a new baby MTS happily munching on whatever biofilm it could nibble off the front "glass", so I guess all is well in snail world.

    Another new addition...a baby Anubias barteri var ...
  2. 75 Gallon Up and Running!

    A while back my boyfriend and I came across a brand new 75 gallon tank with stand and hood for $350, and it was the kind of deal we really couldn't pass up. It's taken a while to get everything ready: the LFS cat had used the stand as a scratching post so some painting was required, electrical work to install a dedicated breaker, and of course...monetary set backs have slowed down equipment purchases. Finally, on Thursday we set it up!
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    A mostly full length view... ...
  3. Update on Various Things

    I thought I'd give an update on some of recent events in my tanks.

    The Ich Infection (28G)
    I'd chosen to use the heat method to clear the tank of Ich, and so far it appears to have worked. Most strains of Ich stop reproducing at 86 F, and because I've got heat resistant fish I let the tank temp sit around 88 F. This was to help ensure that all areas of the tank were at least 86F to prevent another potential occurrence. 89 F will supposedly kill most strains outright, but adjusting ...
  4. Patience is a Virtue

    I've finally got some photos of my new tank to share. It's been planted for about a week now, but admittedly I've found it to be a bit un-photogenic, so getting even a decent shot has been trial and mostly error. Now I've just got to play the waiting game for the tank to mature so it will be ready for Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda).

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    It looks so much bigger than 6.6 gallons.
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    Another random shot.

    Updated 03-30-2010 at 1:05 AM by Aphotic Phoenix

    Tank Update , 6.6 Gallon Update
  5. Hey! This doesn't taste like citrus...

    Generally in my house you want to finish off a glass of water, or at least dump it out if you don't finish. Looks like I forgot this time, but it makes a excellent example of why I cut my tap...
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    Delicious and nutritious...okay maybe not.

    Try scraping that crap off your tank on a weekly basis (although if you've got African cichlids you most likely already have to). There is still a thick patch hidden by one of the filters that has been there for ...
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