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  1. What the heck?! Are these worms!

    Okay so there's yet again another strange invader in my 10 galon tank. I was having a look at my aquarium and noticed what looks like little tiny white worms! What the heck?! I have 6 Red Cherry Shrimp and an invasion of snails... these are definitely not babies of either. This is a planted tank, so maybe these aliens came in on one of the plants? Does anyone have any idea what these could be, or how i can get rid of them without harming my shrimp? Please help!
  2. Snail invasion in RCS tank... HELP!!!

    I really hope someone out there can help me. I recently planted a 10 Gallon tank and have added 6 red cherry shrimp. Now I have discovered that along with the plants came an invasion of two kinds of snails, and somehow a baby dragonfly! I've removed the dragonfly to a safe location, but no matter how many snails I take out there's still probably a few dozen of the little buggers rummaging around in my gravel, eating my shrimps food and killing my plants. I've heard that pennies would get rid ...
  3. My African Cichlid Aquarium

    My computer is giving me trouble now so I hope that the pictures post...
    I finally got some half-decent pictures of my aquarium yesterday. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that they're Zebras. I also got a couple of shots of my pleco... who I just figured out is just your run of the mill pleco and not a bristlenose, so good luck to him (but he has attitude)! The plants are all fake and they keep digging them up, which I found out is normal behaviour for African Cichlids since they like digging ...
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