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  1. My custom fuge.

    Here is my custom fuge I made with the guidance of [URL=""]scootrnerd[/URL]. It isn't super pretty but it will get the job done. It cost me about $80 for the whole project. It was that much because I needed some more drill bits(because I cant find my other set!:mad2:) and I needed the IPS #3 acrylic glue($20 shipped). The total cost of materials for the fuge was about $40. The pump being $20 alone. Pics are attached.


    Updated 01-30-2008 at 10:27 AM by jagr200

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  2. Clean up crew!

    I need a good clean up crew for my 10 gallon Nano Reef. What should I get? I already have 1 astrea(sp) snail. Oh and this is the 300th blog post on AC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Day 5 test results.

    Well I got in a quick ammonia test and a nitrite test before work. Well I actually did 3 ammonia test because the difference was SOOO huge over the test I did just before I went to bed. I'll do all new test results after work.


    Ammo: 0!!!!!!!!!
    trite: 4ppm
    trate: 15ppm
    PH: 8.2
    gravity: 1.025

    Updated 12-26-2007 at 8:38 PM by jagr200

  4. Day 4 results of cycle.

    Well here are the results of testing today. Well I got the gravity where I want it and the Ammonia seems to be lowering although it isnt below 8ppm yet but the color on the scale was lighter than previous days.

    Ammo: 8 ish(lighter than previous days)
    Trites: 4ppm
    Trates: 15ppm
    PH: 8.2
    Gravity: 1.0255(perfect for corals!)
  5. Day 3 results of cycle.

    Well my trites have risen and the trates have risen. So I dont know where that leaves me.

    Ammo: 8ppm atleast
    Trite: 4ppm
    Trate: 15ppm
    PH: 8.2
    Gravity: 1.0245(almost to 1.025 for corals)
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