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Breeding Zebra Danio(Danio rerio) & Other Danios

Breeding Zebra Danios aren't as hard if you know what your doing. It all starts by getting good and healthy looking Danios, in other hands if you see one Zebra Danio sick or more commonly, carrying ich. Once you found a good stock plan on getting around 5 Zebra Danios or any other type of danio(This does not include Giant Danio or Pearl Danio.) Now your going to need two tanks and seprate the females and males,this can be done by conditionning them with frozen and live food,flakes may be ok with brine shrimp or you may still keep both gender in the same tank. Condition them for about a week.Males are slimmer and darker stripes and Females are heavier and lighter stripes. Now for the breeding tank setup: 5-10gallon tank,but 5g works best, marbles or a netting that seprates the tank and the fish horizonatlly. Fill the tank 2inches of marbles unless using the net. No heaters or any aeration/filter from my experince. Now after you can tell males from females, its time to add them to the breeding tank.IMPORTANT: Add the fish at the evening/sun down. Leave them in there til morning. Mating happens when sunlight hits the tank in the early morning,so it will be best to leave them til 12am. If you see eggs or maybe the females are slim again,remove them. If you don't see any eggs or mating, add them back to the main tank and back again later in the evening. Keep trying til success! Ok so you have eggs now,now what? IMPORTANT: Make your you have a food source for the frys like infusuria, and later after 5days of hatching to go with baby brine shrimp. Now you may add a airstone to aerate the tank,but not at full power,try making it so it relases a few bubbles. As the frys grow feed more b.b shrimps and crushed flake food. Well thats about it to breed Danios. If you have Q's just reply and i'm here to help out!Good Luck!

  1. Breeding Zebra Danio(Danio rerio) & Other Danios

    by , 10-06-2008 at 11:14 PM (Breeding Zebra Danio(Danio rerio) & Other Danios)
    if any questions, please PM me.