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  1. After the Crash

    It's been 8 days since my 4-day-old 29g inexplicably turned into a waterfall in my living room. By luck, I got home in time to save the fish and plants, and the LFS replaced the tank. So aside from my subflooring (and let's not go there), it looks like it was at worst a minor disaster.

    I was afraid the crash would set back my cycling for a week, but it didn't. I gathered the substrate from the old tank into a bucket, and kept it wet for a day till the new tank was up. Between that ...
  2. In praise of Endler's

    When I told my LFS guy I was looking for a couple of pretty roommates for a 5gl with two rasbora hets and two neons, he didn't even blink: "You want Endler's."

    I didn't know much about these guys. Okay, yeah, they're guppies, they're live-bearers, and they're feeder fish. Generally speaking, that's about all I know.

    But once you see one in person, you have to wonder how hungry your fish would have to be for you to feed it one of these guys. They're utterly ...
  3. Snailio grows up - plus my first shrimp!

    Snailio Iglesias has doubled in size in about 10 days and has all but cleared my betta tank of algae. I cannot believe how fast this guy can move! He and the betta get along just fine. There's more poop, but hey, that's what the turkey baster's for.

    Finished stocking my little 3-gal Eclipse today - it now has two glowlight tetras, two juvenile rasbora hets, and a ghost shrimp janitor.

    The tetras seem really happy about their new tankmates - they're more active than ...
  4. Snailio

    The tiny copper snail (aka Snailio Iglesias) is out of QT and wandering around my betta bowl. Take that back - he's found an algae bank and is pigging out. I only hope he can find his way all the way up to the surface when he needs to breathe.

    Back in the 3gl, one of the glowlights is colored up and happy. The other one's still pale, but he's swimming around normally and very interested in food. So I'm crossing my fingers.
  5. New snail

    Just got the cutest little ramshorn for Bob's tank. I'd struck out everywhere looking for one -- thought I'd have to order a batch on aquabid -- when a friend reminded me about the one LFS I hadn't called. Sure enough, they had a tankful. Not reds, but some pretty bronzes. So now I've got a tiny (1/8 in) guy QTing in a beer stein along with an algae pellet about 10 times his size. He probably thinks he's died and gone to invert heaven.

    Meantime, back in the 3gl, two glowlights are ...