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My fish and aquatic adventures. :D

Within these pages I hope to (that means I plan on it but might not get to it lol)
keep track of
1. fishes that I've had
2. their lives, length of and how'd they lived/die of natural causes/etc, their funny antics and whatnot
3. fish-a-verseries
4. my tanks and all that that implies
5. experiments with diy projects (lol, I'm not very handy, but I can be enthusiastic, doesn't always work to my advantage lol)
6. anything else I can think of that may or may not be appropriate for a fish blog
7. I may let some of my fish do their own blogs if they behave *yelling in background, "No! Stop biting her! Stop! Sit! Roll over! Play dead! Wait! No! I was kidding about that last one! Aaaarghhhhh!"*
8. I just thought there should be another #.


Welcome, and read and proceed at your own risk.

  1. Java Moss Growing Experiment

    by , 03-18-2011 at 12:51 AM (My fish and aquatic adventures. :D)
    I noticed while keeping a betta with a tumor in a basket that I'd siliconed to the inside of the tank (she couldn't swim up very far but still loved diving lol) that the java moss grew really well in that location. Ie, close to the light, lol. So I came up with an idea. (I don't have that basket anymore and always end up with moss all over the tank, filter, water removed when vacuuming, etc.) I decided to try wrapping some moss around a cork (bag of corks @ walmart about $3) and tying it with ...