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My fish and aquatic adventures. :D

Within these pages I hope to (that means I plan on it but might not get to it lol)
keep track of
1. fishes that I've had
2. their lives, length of and how'd they lived/die of natural causes/etc, their funny antics and whatnot
3. fish-a-verseries
4. my tanks and all that that implies
5. experiments with diy projects (lol, I'm not very handy, but I can be enthusiastic, doesn't always work to my advantage lol)
6. anything else I can think of that may or may not be appropriate for a fish blog
7. I may let some of my fish do their own blogs if they behave *yelling in background, "No! Stop biting her! Stop! Sit! Roll over! Play dead! Wait! No! I was kidding about that last one! Aaaarghhhhh!"*
8. I just thought there should be another #.


Welcome, and read and proceed at your own risk.

  1. Pond deaths 2011

    by , 09-09-2011 at 7:54 AM (My fish and aquatic adventures. :D)
    Comet - comet goldfish

    Donner & Biltzen - rosy & fathead minows

    Approximately Sept 5/6.

    Cupid is still alive. Looks lonely.
    Perhaps I should add another comet or 1-2 minnows...

    I'm fairly sure Cupid is the one I found that morning though. Looked nearly dead, floating on the surface. I dumped stress coat and stress zyme in there and ran an extension cord to plug in their bubbler. Did ...