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  1. The 37

    As some of you may know, I am now the proud owner of a 37 gallon tank. It has been set up since Christmas, but is still "under construction." At the moment it is filtered by two Penguin 150's and is heated by a Marineland Stealth 200 watt. Standard light (more below)

    Right now, the inhabitants are;
    1. 1 angelfish
    2. 3 platies
    3. 2 Shwartz's corydoras
    4. 6 black skirt tetras
    5. some ramshorn snails
    I have lost one fish in this tank, a bolivian ram. I had him for about ...

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  2. More Shrimps!!

    This weekend I noticed my first baby shrimp. it was little more than a speck. I only saw it the one time and thusfar haven't spotted any others. I have noticed a smaller berried female.

    the brown algae is still a big problem. The mrs. wants to get a pair of ottos to do the detail work on the brown algae and then I could transfer them into the 30 if they run low.

    Right now I'm doing bi weekly water changes to reduce the nutrients in the water column. I think I'll ...
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  3. Setting the tank up

    I thought I would post my first blog entry. It is just my first so be nice.Well as may know from reading my thread know I've had some problems getting my 55 gallon tank up and running. So I thought that I would put together my own little blog about the bad and the fun (mostly fun)stuff so far.
    It took me forever to even find the tank. The guy I bought my other tank from told me it was 55 when it was only 45. So at the moment I am now trying to sell that. The moral of that story check everything ...
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  4. 1st blog

    my name is kirsty and i am nearly 21!
    i have four dwarf winter white hamsters 2 boys scurry and sneak and 2 girls shandy-lou and luna
    we also have two fish tanks this is my first ever tank and i think ac is a wicked way of getting started with all the advice and support!! good job to everyone at AC thnx
  5. How it looks now, and a little background.

    This tank is, if everything goes as planned (that means if I do put Fred in this tank, etc.) will have:

    3x otocinculus
    6x rasbora heteromorpha (Harlequin Rasbora)
    1x betta splendens

    Apple snail?


    Crinum thaianum (onion plant)
    Eleocharis acicularis (hairgrass)
    Cryptocoryne wendtii
    Vallisneria gigantea (giant vallis)
    Rotala Macarandra (giant red rotala)

    If something ...