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  1. Last of the live rock added... hopefully

    by , 05-31-2008 at 9:02 PM (150 Gallon 36" X 36" cube aquarium set up and progress)
    I just finished adding the remainder of the live rock that I prepaid for from the sale at the LFS.
    Re-scaped a little bit and added a bunch of caves and ledges into the reef scape. I like it so far, we'll see how it looks when it starts filling in with corals and some fish.

    Bought 5 green chromis today, have them in QT tank right now.

    Also set up battery backup that I built (I call it Frankenstein) for the light, pump, skimmer and heater.

    Here's a couple ...
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  2. New 150G 36"X36"X30" tank set up

    by , 05-28-2008 at 6:08 PM (150 Gallon 36" X 36" cube aquarium set up and progress)
    Ok I figured since I am starting up a tank again that I would make an entry in case anyone can learn anything from my experiences.

    I will try to update and keep it going as best as I can and try to keep track of as many details as well.

    This will be the first post, an introduction to my set up now.

    -Marineland 36"W X 36"D X 30"H tank with starphirre glass.
    -30" X 16" X 20" sump from ALS
    -Bermuda ...
  3. Shrimp update

    I really had no idea how small cherry shrimp are. had I a correct understanding I would have ordered more. for the most part the tank looks vacant. the shrimp ususally hang out in the hornwort floating on the surface and they're rather hard to see. There is one berried female who occasionally makes an appearance. she's huge and bright compared to the others but she's the one I see the least. this morning she was resting on some java moss on the tank floor. the berries are pretty big and I ...

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  4. pearl paint

  5. OMG! A Blog!

    My first blog ever. I guess you have to start somewhere.
    I have 5 tanks up and running at the moment.

    56 gallon - 5 pearl gourami, 6 harlequin rasboras, 12 espei rasboras, 2 peppered cory cats, 1 yoyo loach, 3 mystery snails and lots of plants.

    30xh - 8 diamond tetras, 10 rummynose tetras, 2 albino cory cats, 3 julii cory cats, 2 mystery snails, a growing population of Malaysian trumpet snails and lots of plants.

    5.5 gallon - 1 tiny CT ...