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After the Crash

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It's been 8 days since my 4-day-old 29g inexplicably turned into a waterfall in my living room. By luck, I got home in time to save the fish and plants, and the LFS replaced the tank. So aside from my subflooring (and let's not go there), it looks like it was at worst a minor disaster.

I was afraid the crash would set back my cycling for a week, but it didn't. I gathered the substrate from the old tank into a bucket, and kept it wet for a day till the new tank was up. Between that and the old loaded filter I threw into the filter, the chemistry's held steady for days now. Huge thanks to the AC community for all the advice that helped that happen.

Tomorrow, I'll head out to pick up an juvenile angel and a couple more platies for the tank. The tetras and cories can wait till I'm sure the tank is fully cycled and ready for them. Can't wait for the new fish. (And I'm certain my female platies will be thankful, too.)

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