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Charlie Jiggy (Jigz)

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March 27 will be my one year anniversary with Charlie.

Bought at walmart as a late bday present in 2010, Charlie is the first betta other than Nadette to reach his/her one year anniversary.

Happy Birthday Jiggy!

He started out as a sad and not quite healthy, but brave fishie that sought to better his life through selling himself.
This cute energetic boy quickly won my heart while looking over the walmart kill center, er fish center, and got himself a new home.

He was quickly taken over by finrot, but constant care and attention won out.

He started out in a 1g with undergravel filter, constantly jigging out (dancing), spent some time in a vase with some java (fern), and now resides happily in a heated well filtered and (kinda) planted 10g (divided) where he spends his time jigging, chasing the fish on the other side of his divider, trying out new gourmet fish foods (some live things, some live things he wasn't suppose to eat - my snails lol, and my own attempts @ making fish food), uprooting any and all plants he can, and getting into as much trouble as absolutely possible LOL.

Here's to you Jigz, and many more fish-a-versaries together, Cheers!

this author is nuts!

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  1. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    Still alive!
  2. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    RIP Charlie
    April 4, 2012