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Corys. !

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Peppered (if that is what they are, walmart just says 'assorted' lol) cories are SO cute!

One pepper was added a while ago and seemed happy. Very energetic, trying to keep up with the khulis, swim with the otos, school with the neons, and even tried to 'school' with the bettas and gouramis! So cute and so funny to watch! Always comes to the glass when I wave, and waves back!

Another pepper was added - last week? - and they are so adorable! The first one was so excited! They were like kittens (without the claws ) getting all snugly with each other! SOOOO cute!!!

I was actually kinda worried at first, the first cory kinda seemed to be trying to eat the second one, but I came on here and apparently that's normal behavior, LOL. Whew! haha

There are nearly (but not quite) inseparable, I can't say 'adorable' enough, lol!

They are just barely bigger than the otos and love to swim with them.

I don't know yet what sexes they are for certain, but I figure for 2 corys the most obvious names to go with would be
Cory & Dora.

So far I can tell them apart, the newer one is minutely smaller and the belly is paler. I just hope as they get older (I hope that they get older!) I will still be able to tell them apart lol.

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  1. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    Sadly those 2 pepperds and the 2 I got after them have all died.

    I do have a bronze cory now, has been doing good. (and ate all my worms. )
  2. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    Right now have a male and female bronze + 3 of their babies from a few months back + undiscoverd # of new 9day old babies.

    The cories and baby platies appear to have an appreciation for little bits of tangerine.
    It scares the gouramis though LOL.