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Sick Female Guppy?

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Hello, I'm new to this website, I have a question regarding guppies; I recently got a female guppy, in 2days or so~ she gave birth, after a day, the female guppy seemed to have white spots appear on the top of her fin (she used to be pure grey/ black on her body), it seemed to be some-what swollen on the white spot; now I'm worried its sick or might die, I also moved her to a large glass jar for the momment; so the males wont keep bothering her and slamming into her. (I plan to move her to my second tank soon) But right now is there any cure or something I should do?
Oh and she seems to be breathing heavily, her gills are sort of red/ swollen.

In the picture: The white spot is more to the left side, and its a bit swollen on that side, looking from her right side it looks normal, but on the left it looks really bad . Please inform me if there is any cure/ something I should do. Thankyou!!Name:  Poor guppy.JPG
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  1. TrumanL's Avatar
    Oh I just found out, above the tip of the tail its a little red.
  2. TrumanL's Avatar
    I think its spreading quickly =/
  3. TrumanL's Avatar
    Sigh :/ My male guppy is getting fin rot i believe, its tail is ripping, and its white =/
  4. TrumanL's Avatar
    please help ASAP! thankyou!
  5. simplyjen's Avatar
    she may have ick so get the tablets or liquid that precents and heals them. also get your water tested jut in case its something else. Petsmart does it for free
  6. TrumanL's Avatar
    k thanks =)