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Algae Eater

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Hi, uhm I was wondering can my algae eater survive after cleaning my tank? I just cleaned my tank not long ago, and he looks a little down . Please comment back, or tell me if there is anything I should do ! Thanks!

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  1. Fractalis's Avatar
    what species of "algae eater" (scientific name please)

    try feeding it algae wafers or zucchini slices

    just take out what it doesnt eat in a day
  2. TrumanL's Avatar
    The type of fish is ; A Pleco. Alright thanks =)
  3. TrumanL's Avatar
    Oh wait, but can they survive during this time, till some algae starts growing in the tank?
  4. simplyjen's Avatar
    u should be fine giving it the algae wafer
  5. TrumanL's Avatar
    thanks =)