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Hi, recently i've been giving my Pleco fresh mushrooms to eat. I also have many baby guppies that are starting to turn colour in the tank, but i was wondering, is it ok to feed mushrooms to the guppies, they seem to be nibbleing on them. I've noticed it gave my guppies some more colour and patterns, it changed over night. I would also like to know is it ok if "vegetable juice" (example: cumcumber in tank) would ruin the tank water, thankyou very much

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  1. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    I don't know about the mushrooms (other than I luv them ), but for the cucumber just take any uneaten bits out after a few hours.

    I thought at first I read that you wanted to put vegatable juice in the tank lol, I was going to say, 'no, that is a bad idea.' I tried giving my goldfish a little (maybe not little enough) bit of frozen orange juice... they didn't eat it like they do other thawing foods and it caused a huge ammonia spike and killed all but one of them. Almost got that one too but I barely by some miracle saved it. Anyway... Hope someone had an answer for the mushrooms.
  2. TrumanL's Avatar
    thanks =P