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Late fish-aversary - Pearl - crowntail female betta

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I believe July was actually Pearl's fishy-versary (when I got her).
She is still doing great, but a little pssd at me for moving her into a different part of the divided tank she's ususally in lol. Moving them around helps keep them entertained.

Let's see, Pearl was about 3 months old when I found her, the only spikey tailed girl betta I'd seen or other fancy-finned female at any store hereabouts so I just had to add her to my 'collection.'

When I first got her, and for the first few months, her body was almost completely white other than a small dark blue spot/streak, and red fins. Her whole body and fins had a thick purple iridescent shimmer. Over time the white turned pink (she's a Valentine's fish lol!)
It took me several months to find out what type of betta she was (yes I do feel stupid lol). A crowntail, and more recently have learned she might have some halfmoon in her too.

She is very good at getting through tight spots, I have never discoverd how she gets through the dividers! You really would not know that from looking at her, she is very small, but quite rotund in the egg area, you would think that would get in the way!
Her fins (and spikes) are quite long, but possibly look more so as she is the smallest full grown girl betta I've ever had, including fins she's only about 2" or slightly over long! This doesn't seem like such a difference from 2 1/2" and 3" on ruler, but in person it makes a lot of difference. It is odd that the first betta girl I had was the largest/longest and since all of them have been getting smaller. Oh well.

During her first few (or less) months she lived in a large jar with some live plants a wee bit of matching (matched her lol) gravel and an airstone, w/ daily water changes, while I was resetting a tank for her. I also had a new sorority about this time, but was lothe to add her to it and have her beautiful fins ripped off. I'd discovered with my first sorority that sometimes when fins are eaten they don't grow all the way back - with some of the girls it took the same area being attacked multiple times for this to happen, and for others the first time was all it took.

She ended up for a short while in a 4way divided 10g, but I was able to successfully integrate the red betta girl (RedRidingHood, died recently) into the sororoity. (It was kinda funny, the rest of girls there were blue or green and at first she ignored them and they ignored her lol.) Afterwards I reduced it to a 3way, which it still is today.
Her tank mates originally were (she was on the left side) Roy - red betta male in the middle section, and Charlie - blue betta male - in the right section.
Unfortunately, she eventually found a way past the divider (?!) and into Roy's area. Remember how I didn't want her fins damaged? Yep, he nipped off some of her fins before I found her and scooped her out. Most of the fins grew back, but she is short at least 2 spikes on the end of her tail (like a gap tooth) and possibly one on her lower. I think the top fin was fine.

Some time after this during the same day wriggled into Roy's area 5! times and I kept having to remove her. I got tired of having to catch her and didn't want her eaten, so instead I caught Roy and put him in her area. When I got up the next morning, well what do you know? She can't/couldn't get out of the middle area LOL! So I left her there heehee. She seems to prefer the middle, silly girl! A while later to keep things interesting I switched Roy and Charlie so they could check out each others areas (and after a few months switched them back ). Charlie seems to like to be on the side with the filter so he can let it suck him up to the prefilter sponge lol, he is so lazy!

I estimate Pearl is 1 year and 7 months old. My oldest living girl before now was 2, but she had grown a tumor about 8 months before she died, Pearl looks great (but so did my other pink fish just before she went into the death throws... )
Here's hoping for a long life Pearl! *cheers*

No, you can't have a beer!

But in fishy years I'm old enough...

I don't care how old you are in fish or human years, you are not getting a beer young lady!


No! How bout a worm?


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  1. Ratlova30's Avatar
    Bettas sure are wonderful aren't they? I've got a veil sky blue male(sky) that lives in a 15gal with other fish, a very large red and blue crown tail male(Houdini) in the cup with blue water it looked like he was blue with black fins and he turned out to be blue with red fins, he roams a 30gal by himself temporarily and my mother just got a male halfmoon(lightning) he lives in a 5gal and he was all white but now he's got black all over his fins and red is starting to pop up. Definitely very cool fish no doubt.

    It's always nice to see betta lovers out there.
  2. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    They sound so pretty!

    The last girl I got was in the blue water, I though she was white with red/blue fins and the previous white girls I'd had had just red fins so I was too curious with how a blue fin and white betta would change color...
    Well I got her out of the blue water and... she 's not blue! LOL It's almost comepletely clear so the blue water just made her look that way. I wonder if I can put that blue pond tint in a tank? lol, jk.
  3. Ratlova30's Avatar
    Thanks, I very much enjoy my bettas and watching them heal after they've been sitting in cups for so long. It's especially nice to watch their personalities surface once they're feeling better. Houdini has especially really bulked up into a very meaty betta, his fins are so full and thick it's a wonder he can support his weight.

    Looks like I might possibly have two more bettas joining the family. Someone in the WA fish forum I'm a member of needs to rehome his male chocolate halfmoon and his female green lace halfmoon. I certainly don't need more bettas but I'm always willing to make room for a betta in need. The guy had to find a home for them or off to the pet store they go.