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Hi, I own many guppy fish; babies and adults, I also have a Pleco. I recently saw it seem kindof down, since i just cleaned the tank, and there wasn't much food for it, so I decided to feed it many different vegetables, including mushrooms, peas, cucumber and lettuce, the Pleco seemed to like it, but the guppies also seemed to nibble on it, so I was wondering is it healthy to feed guppies lettuce, if so, what other food should i feed them? because I only have fish flakes as my guppies main source of food. Thankyou

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  1. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    I do know that it is ok for guppys to eat lettuce.
    Brine shrimp, live or freeze dried, as well as veggies, freeze dried bloodworms, algae wafers, shrimp pellets, tiny bits of salad shrimp off your plate
    live blood worms if you want to catch or breed them, I think they eat more or less anything.
    Maybe little bits of orange (I know goldfish, koi, cories, and platy's like it).
  2. TrumanL's Avatar
    Ok thanks =D