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RIP :*( Sam Quiggly Beloved Cat 1996 - 2012

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Sam Quiggly

Mom's oldest cat. Black and pretty and grumpy and silly and soft. Our first cat to die of old age. OMG, it was hard to watch.
Lil sis found him out side, we think he had a stroke, he was crying and dying and trying to fight it off, g it was sad to see. The other kitties avoided him, they always cuddle up to him cause he's their saragant dad (though I think Foozey and Joey still think he's 'mom' lol). Mom brought him inside and laid him in a box with blankets and covered him with a towel. He smelled very bad. So she turned on the garage light and I brought a lamp for more warmth and she set the box on another blanket in there. Mom's been sick and had to go to bed so I stayed up with him. He kept crying and crying and occassionaly tried to climb out, but I don't think he could move his back half so he just ended up throwing his towel off. He couldn't close his eyes, I don't think he could even see us anymore. I stroked his head softly and used a dropper to give him so water, his throat sounded so sore. When he realized the dropper was water he tipped back his head to make it easier to give the water to him.
I had to leave him to take care of some things, I'm not sure he noticed, but came back to check on him now and again.
The second the last time I came in he wasn't crying anymore, he almost seemed to be asleep, so I petted him for a while and left. Shortly thereafter he died. Alone. I am sorry Sammy.

Sam would have been 16 this summer.
I think we got him in an August.
Mom picked him out when some cousins and an aunt were visiting with us and one of the cousins wanted to name him 'Simba.'

The other cats in with him at the store were picking on him so he hid in the litter pan. When we got him home he liked to sleep in the litter pan and 'make sand castles' as mom put it LOL.

We used a big empty poptart box as his toy box and put a basket with blanket for him to sleep in. He learned about taking his toys out of the box very quickly, but he never learned to put them back.

My little sister had 2 stuffed toys that he absolutely loved, a large yellow duck that she eventually gave him for his basket, and a 4 foot teddy bear she won from some valentine drawing somewhere or other. She brought it up to see what he'd do, he checked it out, sniffed it, and then climbed on and started 'kneading' him (he did that to the duck also). He'd roll his eyes up and just purrrrrr!
Lil sis couldn't decide whether she liked him or was afraid of him, she'd go back and forth with this. During one of her afraid times she decided she'd try to scare him away from her so he'd leave her alone. Well, it backfired and he loved it! He started lying in wait for her then when he'd see her come by - even if she saw him, cause he thought he was invisible - he'd run by and either tag her leg or wrap himself around her leg and act like he was going to bite, but then jump back up and sprint away before she had time to do anything about it, LOL! He even started hiding under the armchair - which was a squeeze when he got bigger, but it was his favorite spot - and wait for somone to sit down, then he'd reach out and 'tag' their leg, and if you didn't know he was there it could really startle you lol!

Once he was playing with one of those little fluffy mice (not real) in the kitchen - he was still a kitten - and I threw a second one over to him. He blinked at it confused, then back to the first mouse, batted one, then the other, looked back and forth at the mice, then started backing up and hissing at both of them, heeheehee!

When he was older (4?) older sis brought 2 kittens home, they were only about 3 weeks old (the person who gave them to her thought the mom had abandoned them only to find out later she'd just gone out for food ) and about the size of hamsters. The second they saw Sam they ran right up to him and tried to nurse! He of couse did not like that lol! After only a few more encounters with them like that Sam quickly learned how to avoid them. Which he did until they were 6 months old and way past the nursing phase - except for one time. Maybe a couple of weeks after they'd first arrived, Sam had just checked on the kittens from afar and decided that it was safe to lay by the couch and take a nap, or at least sit down. So he was laying there all comfy and suddenly Foozeball comes running around from the back of the couch. Sam's tensing up to bolt as he sees her nearing him, but she slows down and just curls up a couple inches in front of him instead of 'attacking' him. He looks at her suspiciously but slowly starts to relaxe and mom and I can see on his face, he seems to be thinking, 'Ok, this isn't soooo bad...,' but just then he looks up an sees mom and me watching him and he bolts, startling wee Foozeball, and she looks so surprised and hurt, but then Joey runs around from the back of the couch and pounces on her and she doesn't have time to think on how hurt she was. Sam successfully avoided them after that until they were about 6 months old lol.

Sam would kind of 'babysit' the kittens, say they would run up the short stairs and down the hall, he would sneak behind them and peek over the top of the stairs to see what they were doing, as long as they didn't see him he would watch, but the second they saw him and started running towards him he would bolt and leave them wondering where he went.

When he realized they were old enough to not nurse anymore he would clean them. But at the food bowl, he was top cat. If they were in the way of his food (and they were so small they were in the dish, at least that was Foozey's excuse, Joey was just a pig lol) he would place his paw on their forhead and give a push. After a while he just had to put his paw on their forhead and they would let him eat.
Foozeball being so small however decided one day to give this method a try. Joey was at the water bowl (he was nearly twice her size) and she wanted water. He wouldn't leave. So she placed her dainty little paw on his head. Nothing happened. She took it off. She placed both front paws on his head (he's drinking the water right now) and jumped down on his head! Joey came up spluttering and probably wondering what had just happened while a triumphant Foozeball got herself some water.

A few years later sis brought another cat to us. Sam's initial reaction looked something like this, "Another one? Seriously? Oh well, the others didn't leave and I kind of like them now, so I guess I'll go over and say hello." He seemed to know he had to choice in his 'adopting' another cat and he took to being 'den mother' very well.

Of course once Foozey had grown up into her little self she was co-top cat, but she still allowed Sam to think he ruled. (She did however make sure her brother Joey knew she was ranked above him lol.)

Later Sam was 'forced' into 'adopting' another cat, a rather difficult one. She was loud and rauscious and violent and spoiled and longhaired and didn't know how to groom herself, and thought that brushes were evil and she loved her claws, and always getting her way. It took years but with Joey's help (the other longhair who is always grooming and meticulous, but never leaves a dirt clod un rolled in) she finally allowed them to groom her and she started learning how to groom herself (we tried, but as I mentioned, she thought brushes were evil). She is still learning but has made some progress.

Sam you were wonderful and will be dearly missed!

Funeral / Burial scheduled for Saturday.

Note to Mom, older sis and I still think a cat should never be named Quiggley as it sounds like something found in the litter box!

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  1. LiveMermaid07's Avatar
    I don't see the edit button, January 5, around 6 am was death time.
    I'm not sure what day we got him home the first time.