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Seizure (pregnant guppy)

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Hi, I recently got a few female guppies, addition to my other 14 guppies I raised since they were babies. So today one of the new ones looked like it was about to give birth, so I took it out and put it in a mini tank. After an hour or so, it still hasn't given birth, so I decided to put her back in the main tank. And after 2 minutes or so she started having a seizure, that scared the life out of me, she was going super fast moving around the tank, and spinning! (she looked like a torpedo while spinning) It had a seizure attack every 15 or so seconds, and lasted around 3 seconds, after, it just floats, belly up, and somewhat swims sideways. After another 2 minutes or so it died :/. One of the reasons I thought might contribute is maybe the water temperature difference? The mini tank was at about 81F, <--- I made the water a little warmer, so it would be comfortable giving birth. And the main tank was 74F ( forgot to turn on my heater)<-- a little low. The fish seemed healthy, no fin rot. I'm not too sure about internal diseases though, but while it was *trying* to give birth it was breathing heavily. Anyways, I was wondering why it had a seizure and died?

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