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Lady G

So, I got my sump done...I think

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Well, finally I have went and recut the piece of glass I had to long and finished up my sump...bonus I did get the size correct for my skimmer to fit in!!
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  1. Grins's Avatar
    You really did a great job on your first DIY sump G.
  2. Lady G's Avatar
    Thanks Grins!!!!
  3. smyke's Avatar
    I think I will be stealing some ideas from you for my own sump.
    great job.

    1990's Bulls!!! - too bad MJ had to get old.
  4. irishspy's Avatar
    How big a tank are you using for the sump?
  5. Lady G's Avatar
    Yes, MSZ...those were some great years for the bulls!! I actually still have a couple t-shirts!!!

    The tank it will be used for is a 55g
  6. smyke's Avatar
    actual sump is a 29g, right?

    my MJ tshirts are pretty worn but still have some in the bottom of the drawer somewhere.
  7. Reddog80p's Avatar
    Very Nice. Cute socks LMAO!!!
  8. Lady G's Avatar
    The sump is actually a 30g I believe it is 36" x 16.5" x 12.5". So whatever that comes to.

    LMAO!! Thanks Dog!
  9. irishspy's Avatar
    Oh, okay. That middle brace made me think it was larger.
  10. Lady G's Avatar
    LOL, does look more like a 55 or something in the pics. Although it is only like 11" shorter then a 55.