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well, the wall has grown...or spread. Still haven't worked out the rack issues but the tanks seem to be multiplying as well as their inhabitants. I have also aquired another 29g (metal frame) and have a spare 10g, as well as the 120g and 75g I have yet to set up.
Snowball tank:

The 4 10g's (yellow, snowball, blue/black, and dark green shrimp) and the 29g apple snail growout:

The crystal red tank:

The crystal red tank next to the tiger shrimp tank:

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  1. BettaFishMommy's Avatar
    Wow jinkz, love the wall. wish i had room for all those tanks. someday i will.... lol.
  2. RichardA's Avatar
    Looking good......

    I am kinda surprised your basement didn't come with some kind of plumbing installed.
  3. nx2ured's Avatar
    Wow, I'd like to have a whole basement for my addictions!!! Lucky you!
  4. tannmann3521's Avatar
    i like ur tanks alot, lucky, of course i dont know why im sayin lucky u if i also have a whole basement for my tanks if i wanted!
  5. sed03f's Avatar
    sweet, you still have room for more!