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More Shrimps!!

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This weekend I noticed my first baby shrimp. it was little more than a speck. I only saw it the one time and thusfar haven't spotted any others. I have noticed a smaller berried female.

the brown algae is still a big problem. The mrs. wants to get a pair of ottos to do the detail work on the brown algae and then I could transfer them into the 30 if they run low.

Right now I'm doing bi weekly water changes to reduce the nutrients in the water column. I think I'll throw some more hornwort from the 30 in there when I get home.

It just occurred to me, could the extra water changes harm the baby shrimp? possibly by reducing the nutrients they take in? I really don't know much about rcs, I'm just trying not to mess this up.

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  1. SchizotypalVamp's Avatar
    extra water changes will keep the water nice and clean, which will ensure the baby's survival.
  2. malken's Avatar
    I was concerned that I might accidentally suck one up w/ the gravel vac. how well can they hold on to stuff (java moss in particular)