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Pics to come!

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Yesterday I went to visit my parents. my dad gave me an old macro lens that fits my digital camera (also a hand me down from his newly developed love for photography).

what this means is that for the first time I have a decent chance at taking good pics of my inverts. I'm especially looking forward to trying to get a good shot of my copepods to hopefully get an ID on their specific species.

who'd have thought that my most interesting invert would be a stowaway.

I' also eager to take pics of my wee shrimplets and, of course their parents.

I noticed something the other day. for all the world it looked like a fresh water brine shrimp. While I know that this is not actually the case, there are tiny creatures in that tank that appear to the naked eye to be rather similar to brine shrimp. they might just be newborn copepods or something or possibly just a wee crustacion with big ambitions

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  1. Bk718's Avatar
    cool!! lol another show off with a DSLR :P

    Post some pics
  2. malken's Avatar
    I put up some of the 6.6 in that blog. worst case scenario I should have something up by monday.

    what's a DSLR?