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Alan R

Granite Aquarium Decor

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I have Granite Aquarium Decor for sale. You won't find this anywhere else.
Hand selected from the granite quarries of Elberton, GA the "Granite Capital of the World" to be the finest granite available. It is then sent to numerous factories around Elberton and the country to be carved into absolutely beautiful polished headstones, statues, monuments, counter tops, etc. The excess material is then sold to be made into various products, such as fine landscaping gravel and more.
That's where I come in. I go directly to the manufacturers to bring you the final product. The best quality granite available. I go in and hand select from the left over hand selected and pick out the most unique colored and shaped pieces I can find.
It is certain to beutify anything that you apply it to. 100% safe for aquariums and reptile enclosures.
I have divided the granite into 4 price categories. They are priced by availability and my costs.
Any questions, email me:

The most common granite is gray and is $.37 per lb.

Next is black at $.56 per lb

Red is $.94 per lb

The forth is miscellaneous, which is extremely rare and expensive. It is very unique colors that does not fall into the other 3 catagories and is $1.47 per lb

I am putting together lots with several small pieces. I am calling them Betta Packages in reference to small tanks. They are $10 shipped 7 day mail.

You can view my inventory at

All the granite is photographed on a 13"x13" grid made up of 1"x1" squares for size reference.

All photos are numbered with an item number. Each item has one photo with the category it falls under and the weight.

Shipping is as follows.
I can ship up to 16-25 lb 2-3 day Priority Mail for $12.95

10-15 lbs 2-3 day Priority Mail for $9.80.

Shipping is subject to everything you order fitting in the flat rate box. I can't predict every odd ball shaped piece working with the other. If I can't ship what you order up to the weight I quoted, you will be offered other options or a refund. Your choice.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
If you don't believe me, check my feedback on eBay. User name giftsbyshell. That is the way I have always done business and always will be. I aim to please. No bull.

Sorry, but I currently am not able to sell anything under 10 lbs until I work out a cost effective way to ship smaller weights.

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