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    Best ways to Aerate my aquarium

    Not saying it can't happen, but on a tank with healthy water parameters a fish should never die from lack of oxygen.. unless it's grossly overstocked,

    FreshyFresh Today, 10:14 PM Go to last post

    Need a centerpiece

    Pearl gouramis are "Peaceful" I had 2 of mine die to a funal infection they had upon purchase, now I have 2 left and one constantly bullys the

    Rafini Today, 9:57 PM Go to last post

    Neolamprologus Multifasciatus

    To bad you don't live closer. We have them at our LFS. young ones at 2" for $6-$8 at most stores. Would be worried about temps this time of year

    guppymonkey Today, 9:46 PM Go to last post

    mystery fish

    its a stressed young JD.

    Rafini Today, 9:42 PM Go to last post

    Best ways to Aerate my aquarium

    I currently have a 120g thats overfiltered and currently has a submersible pump with a L bend above it to create surface agitation and aerate the water.

    Rafini Today, 9:37 PM Go to last post