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    Sick Gourami

    I do have a quarantine tank up and running. I'll move him into it right now. Maybe salt?

    Zipperpi Today, 7:22 AM Go to last post

    would this be wise?

    I know have an empty 36g bf. I am contemplating just using this as a quarantine/ frag tank what are your thoughts ? I have hob skimmer and a decent deep

    aquanooby Today, 6:58 AM Go to last post


    I used to get hair algae in my aquarium, decided (following advice) to inject with Co2 and up the ferts, chucked more plants in, since doing this I haven't

    danelpalfrey Today, 3:58 AM Go to last post

    Cory Fry

    Was hoping to have a more interactive forum for questions and answers. Seems I wait days for a response if one comes through at all. Alas my cory fry

    djr1 Today, 2:08 AM Go to last post

    Planted Aquarium Newbie

    Thanks for being patient with me guys, it's very clear to me now. I'll update when I'm done

    Cinnamonbunn Today, 1:30 AM Go to last post