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    Jungle Vals (Vallisneria americana) - NJ

    No, all vals are still available for those interested.

    boobiebutt Today, 10:18 AM Go to last post

    How well would a Desert Goby work in a community tank?

    One of our local aquarists has them in a community setup in her 40 gal and has never expressed anything negative regarding aggression. Hers have bred

    wesleydnunder Today, 10:16 AM Go to last post

    Killer Shrimp

    After doing a little more research, I think you are correct. It must be a macrobrachium shrimp. Somehow it must have gotten mixed up with the amanos.

    biondoa Today, 6:42 AM Go to last post

    Killer Shrimp

    Sounds like it could have been a macrobrachium shrimp. They are predatory and will take whatever they can grab. Some species can get to over 12 inches

    SnakeIce Today, 2:28 AM Go to last post

    The Cruelty to Bettas

    What corner are you going to be in, evil. You sure don't expect to be a referee. There really is nothing to fight about. If you want an awesome pet, don't

    Duckie Yesterday, 11:54 PM Go to last post