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    New Betta

    Do you think I could stick one or two amano shrimp and a single frog in with him? If not, just the shrimp? I'm just looking for something other than snails,

    BsLuFs Today, 1:55 AM Go to last post

    Goldfish keep dying in the winter.

    Some goldfish have made it through previous winters but most have just seemed to die off in the winter or were eaten by a blue heron. Stocking levels

    discus12 Today, 1:38 AM Go to last post

    Flat tailed gecko

    Quite a common but charming little species, originally hailing from Southeast Asia but now familiar in many parts of the world, including the southeastern

    Bottomfeeder2 Today, 12:23 AM Go to last post
    Kannan Fodder

    Nerite Snail Safe Fish that Eat Pond Snails LOL

    I deliberately added pond/bladder snails and ramshorns to the 25g community tank. I was expecting a population increase based on what I've heard/read.

    Kannan Fodder Yesterday, 11:06 PM Go to last post

    Neolamp. multifasciatus- shipped

    Curious if anyone that still frequents the forum has any extras they'd be willing to sell...

    jpappy789 Yesterday, 10:32 PM Go to last post