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    MH HQI 14000K vs. 20000K

    Experiment completed. A number of months ago I posted a question as to the difference between MH HQI 14000K and 20000K bulbs. The feedback from this forum was that the 14 had more PAR and therefor more beneficial for coral. I decided to test that theory and can now, without a doubt, support that opinion. I will spare you a lengthy thread but sufice to say after switching back to the 14000K bulb yesterday I note a definite improvement in the health of my coral. Yes, 1 day later! This after running the 20000K bulb for 6 weeks after running the 14K bulb for the same time period. Although the 20 gives off a superior light to enhance the green pigments the 14 has what my corals need and love.
    120G Oceanic Reef, Coralife 2x250W MH, 2 x 96W PC, 4 X LED Moonlights, PS4 return, 20G sump/fuge, 9W UV Sterilizer, ER 135 Skimmer, 130 Miyaki LR, 60LBS Argonite, Phos and Carbon reactors.

    Flame Angel, Blue Tang, Purple Tang, Pale Lip Tang, Sand Sifting Goby, Cleaner Shrimp, LPS, SPS, Softs, Zoos, and a Hybrid clam

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    thx for sharing with us!
    Ah...its been awhile!

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    thanks man you just saved me $140-160 i was just about to order a couple replacements, but I have noticed that my corals responded much better when I changed my 20ks to some 14s I had lying around. I had the same thing happen my corals freaked. I thought it was due to the fact that I had not changed my bulbs in 7-8 months. In a couple days I had 6 candy canes start to spilt, my xenia split 3 times!!!!, a zoa budded three times, and a random monti had considerable growth within a week. I also noticed a lot more coraline on my glass.

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    The lower kelvin rateing you go the better for your corals. 65000K would give you growth that you would not belive but would render your tank unattractive and a yellowish green color. 20K is way to blue for my liking. I am acctually thinking of going 10K when I replace the 14K that came with my halide.

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    What type of bulbs were you using?

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