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    Driftwood from the Mississippi River??

    I am stationed on the mighty miss and see hundreds of peices of gorgeous driftwood in log jams around our ship and just floating by or washed up on the bank EVERY day, But I am very skeptical about placing it in my currently empty aquarium. Any do's and dont's about this? experiences? advice?

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    I have used "driftwood" from several places. Have always let it soak in fresh water, changed frequently, after a good boiling. Then let it dry and do it all again. No problems that I've seen. JDR has a driftwood link in his sig that is pretty good.

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    REAL driftwood (such as that found in rivers and the like) is the best stuff, cuz you can tell instantly if it's good or not. read the article in my sig for a more detailed rundown.
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