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    Sounds good so far though the anthias will be finiky eaters, usually preferring smaller sized foods.. mine treat prawns eggs like crack
    An achilles is kinda (totally) sensitive to everything. I'd recommend it for a later date, go with a yellow since it's the hardiest of the three

    I sold a achilles a few months ago to a lady with a 125 for like $100.. it only lasted 2.5 weeks till it suddenly got ich and died. I had it for 4 weeks prior with no problems, but that's how the saltwater rolls

    Quote Originally Posted by FeatherDuster View Post
    Thank you guys for all the help so far.

    Here is my current list:

    2 Clowns (1 Reg False + 1 Black/White False)
    5-6 Bartlett Anthias
    1 Tang- I can't decide between the Hippo and Achilles now xD
    Yellow Tang
    Collector of the rare and weird. Still don't have a Sand Worm yet =)

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    You do know this thread is 4 yearsold, right?

    The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.


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    I have a yellow tang, powder blue tang, and a Blonde naso in my 125, and they are the best part of my tank. also have a pair of clowns, a starry blenny, and a school of green chromis. i have had good luck with all of you may consider those.

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