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    Archived Stickies

    To tidy up the forum, I am moving the stickies that have not recently been posted to into archives (as requested by Mr. Jingles). To keep them readily accessible to everyone, I will post the title of the archived thread and a link here.

    List of Good Beginner Books:

    Link to Glossary (rather than to the archived thread)

    Common Beginner Mistakes:

    Fishless Cycling:

    And, to let everyone have quick access to all the archives: will take you to the main menu of archived threads.

    Help Files/Tank information has been moved to archives:

    Archived: this thread covers the steps that should be taken when cycling with fish to prevent damage to the fish.

    Tank sizes relating to fish size, health.

    Guidelines and advice on using the forums to get the most out of them!

    Feeding Vegetables:


    Please also see the article:

    Incher per gallon rule cautions:
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