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    Devils Hand Leather Leather

    Hey guys I live in Rochester, NY and have a bunch of corals that I can swap if people are interested in doing so...

    I actually have 3 Devils Hand Leather Corals that all came from my original. I have had my original Leather for 3 years now and it is making babies like crazy now... This pic is of my larger of the 3 that i have and if more people are interested I can throw pics up of my smaller ones...

    They are a nicer looking leathers in my opinion and should be housed lower in the aquarium in less current...

    And that leather came from my aquarium, its on the bottom left right on the other side of my silly star crawling on the glass... Its parent in this pic is now in the center of the aquarium right below the clown fish...

    Lets See if anyone is interested...
    90gl Reef Tank

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    how tall is the one up for trade?

    send those fascists running!!!

    want ramshorns????? pm for info

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