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    y does my snowflake eel have like an orange thing sticking out of each looks like its there on pics i see online too..thoughts?
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    From googling it seems they are fan-like expansions that assist in capturing chemical signals in the water

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    Mine has it too. Here's a follow up question are these guys blind? Mine acts like it, he might be looking at his food but he won't go after it untill he smells it. At least that's my ovservation.

    Really cool Eels by the way. I enjoy watching this thing swim around and my Cat goes crazy when he comes out it's funny to watch.

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    He's probably checking to make sure it's edible before gulping it down.

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    Most eels are somewhat blind. It is believed that they can see motion and outlines of things. They depend mostly on sensory organs for navigation and finding prey.

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