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    An example of the Dry start method(DSM) , a 180 Gallon

    As stated, this method simply fills the sediment up to the top of the gravel layer, then you plant and wait. Basically a terrarium for several week, then you fill the tank up with water, add CO2, your stem plants in the back and the foreground is done.

    No water changes, no wait for the plants before algae hits, no labor, no dosing, no algae at all, HC grows in from a small amouat into a nice big rug(or whwatever type of foreground plant you want).

    ADA aqua soil works best as it has N and P as well and no dosing of the water in the soil is required.

    Very simple idea/method that combines two hobbies, terrariums and then planted aquariums. The plants now have well established roots, no need to grow them, and rapidly adapt well to submersed conditions since all their resources can be focused on the leaves instead of root formation which is about 30-50% of the plant.

    If you want to do fishless cycling, this is the method since after you are done 4-8 weeks later, the sediment is well cycled. When you fill the tank up and add water, make sure to do a couple of 90% water changes to flush any build up in the sediments out slowly.

    Then you should be set and add fish a week later or so.



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    Nice idea!

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    Very nice, excellent idea.

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    Very cool! I might have to try this someday....

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